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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Why do I have to register my Branch Office?
Whenever a doctor moves from one location to another, he MUST notify the Board so the patients will have knowledge that his or her doctor is accountable and accessible.      (Back To Top)

A. Why do I need 1 hour Judicious Prescribing...?
It is a Board Rule that requires that hour of Judicious Prescribing for license renewal.      (Back To Top)

A. Do I have to release the contact lens Rx?
The FTC Final Rule Implementing Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act requires that:
        1. contact lens prescribers provide patients with a copy of their contact lens prescription after a contact lens fitting, and
2. contact lens prescribers verify those prescriptions to any third party designated by a patient, such as an online seller.
Additionally, this Act allows the third party to sell contact lens to consumers:
        1. from a copy of the prescription,
        2. from verification of prescription information, and
        3. if the prescriber does not respond within 8 business hours to the sellers request (passive verification).     (Back To Top)

A. How do I obtain infomation regarding DEA registration and         requirements?
The best place to obtain information is the DEA website (click here) or call one of the following numbers:

DEA office in Washington, D.C. 1-800-882-9539
DEA office in Dallas, TX 1-888-336-4704
Registration Assistant 1-214-640-0849     (Back To Top)

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