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Continuing Education

The Judicious Prescribing Course is now available online...

Click here for the online JP course offered through NSUOCO.

Click here for upcoming Continuing Education opportunities.

Continuing Education Requirements:

At the March 30, 2023 meeting of the Board of Examiners, the Board unanimously voted to approve the following requirements in regards to continuing education for the 2023-2024 licensing year:

1. Up to 6 hours can be by remote but still must be through an approved vendor source.
2. Up to 9 hours can be by virtual live CE but still must be through an approved vendor source.
3. A minimum of 10 hours must be in a traditional classroom setting from an approved vendor.
4. And as always all 25 required hours can be all attained in a classroom setting and must be from an approved vendor.
5. The requirement for the JP hour has not changed and may be completed remotely, virtually, or in person. Refer to the law for approved vendors for the JP hour and all other CE.
***If you choose not to take the 6 remote hours, you can take up to 15 virtual live CE through an approved vendor.

All Oklahoma licensed optometrists are required to obtain twenty-five (25) hours of continuing education annually. Included in the twenty-five (25) hours are a maximum of six (6) Practice Management hours, and a maximum of six (6) Remote Learning hours (which includes internet hours), and a minimum of one (1) Judicious Prescribing hour.

Approved Vendor's List:

1) Optometry College accredited by the American Optometric Council on Education

2) American Optometric Association, or an affiliate of the American Optometric Association
             American Optometric Association Homepage

3) College of Optometrists in Vision Development

4) Southeast Council of Optometry (SECO)
             Southeast Council of Optometry's Homepage

5) Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians
             Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians Homepage

6) Great Western Council of Optometry (GWCO)

7) Heart of America Contact Lens Society
               Heart of America Eye Care Congress

8) American Academy of Optometry (AAO), or any affiliate of the AAO              American Academy of Optometry Homepage

9) State Optometric Associations of the United States

Any Optometrist desiring approval of any other program must make a written request for approval to the Office of the Board of Examiners in Optometry at least fifteen (15) days before he or she attends such program.

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