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Optometric Law

The optometric law page contains links to portions of Oklahoma State Law which are relevant to the practice of optometry in the state of Oklahoma. What follows is a table of contents which is linked to the various sections of the law. The table of contents divides the law into thirteen different pages. Each page is further subdivided into specific sections. To download the entire document as a PDF file click here (181 KB).

1. Definition of Optometry, etc.
    Sections 581 to 598

        Section 581. Practice of Optometry - Definition
        Section 582. Board of Examiners in Optometry - Continuance - Vacancies -                                 Qualifications - Term of Members.
        Section 583. Board of Examiners - Authority to Make Rules and Regulations -                                 Organization - Quorum
        Section 584. Qualifications of Applicants - Examination - Registration - Certificates to                                 Practice to Persons from other States.
        Section 585. Revocation of Certificate - Grounds - Unprofessional and                                 Unethical Conduct, Definition of - Rules and Regulations - Practice                                 Under Own Name - Notice and Hearing on Revocation -                                 Reissuance of Revoked Certificate.
        Section 586. Certificates - Recordation - Exhibition of Certificates.
        Section 587. Examinations-Fees-Compensation and Expenses - Optometry Board                                 Revolving Fund.
        Section 588. Practice by Unauthorized Person - False Personation -                                 Evidence of Violations - Punishment.
        Section 589. Persons Exempted from Statute.
        Section 591. Certificates of Registration.
        Section 592. Effect of Invalid Sections.
        Section 593. Public Policy.
        Section 595. Certain Agreements, Contracts, Understandings, etc. Prohibited.
        Section 597. Penalties.
        Section 598. Provisions Cumulative.

2. Finances - Appointments - Post-Graduate Work
    Sections 601 to 646.7

        Section 601. Appropriation
        Section 602. Expenses for Operation of Board.
        Section 603. Appointments and Salaries
        Section 604. Attendance on Educational or Postgraduate Program.
        Section 605. Provisions of Act Cumulative.
        Section 606. Invalidity Clause.
        Section 646.1. Definitions.
        Section 646.2. Assessment Mechanisms-Duties-Disclosure-Standard of Care
        Section 646.3. Prescriptions for Contact Lenses and Visual Aid Glasses-Required Inclusions.
        Section 646.4. Prescriptions for Contact Lenses-Expiration Dates.
        Section 646.5. Verification of Contact Lens Prescription-Method and Protocol-Limitations.
        Section 646.6. Responsibility for Accuracy in Dispensing of CL or Visual Aid Glasses.
        Section 646.7. Contact Lens Fitting-Requirements for Completion.

3. Designation of Branch of Healing Art
    Sections 725.1 to 725.5

        Section 725.1 Use of Word
        Section 725.2 Right to Use Word "Doctor" or Abbreviation Thereof
        Section 725.3 Violations of Provisions
        Section 725.4 Written Disclosure of Financial Interest of Professional or Provider-Penalties
                for Violations

        Section 725.5 Civil Liability-Medical Care on Voluntary Basis at Free Medical Clinic or
              Educational Sporting Event

4. Unlawful Practice of Healing Arts
    Sections 731.1 to 738.4

        Section 731.1 Definitions.
        Section 731.2 Use of Word "Doctor" or "Dr."
        Section 731.3 License or Certificate.
        Section 731.4 Violations of Act.
        Section 731.5 Application of Law.
        Section 736.2 Injunction - County Attorney - Attorney General.
        Section 738.1 Injunctions - Granted to Boards.
        Section 738.2 Permission From Boards to Institute - When.
        Section 738.3 Attorneys, Employment of.
        Section 738.4 County Attorney - Act not to Abrogate Right.

5. Optical Goods and Devices - Sale Of
    Sections 941 to 947

        Section 941. Public Policy.
        Section 942. Fitting, Adjusting or Applying Lenses or Other Optical Appliances,                                 Duplicating or Replacing Lenses, Etc. Without License Unlawful.
        Section 943.1 Advertisement of Ophthalmic Lenses, Frames, Eyeglasses, Spectacles                                   or Parts.
        Section 943.2 Prescriptions for Spectacles or Eyeglasses-Copies
        Section 943.3 Standards - Eyeglasses, Spectacles, Lenses or other Optical Devices                                   or Parts.
        Section 944. Rebates or Premiums to Optometrists or Physicians Prohibited -                                 Employment for Purposes of Making Eye Examinations or Doing Visual                                 Corrections Prohibited - Exceptions - Retail Stores Prohibited From                                 Renting Space to Persons Purporting to Do Eye Examinations.
        Section 945. Discrimination between Licensed Practitioners by State Employees                                 Prohibited - Exception.
        Section 946. Violations -Punishment - Injunction - Duties of County Attorney - Act to                                 be Cumulative with Existing Laws.
        Section 947. Not to Affect Laws Concerning Chapter 14, Title 59, O.S. 1951.

6. Professional Corporations
    36 O.S. 6051 to 56 O.S. 199

        36 O.S. 6051 Free Choice of Practitioner and Profession - Equal Reimbursement.
        56 O.S. 199. Visual or Optometric Services - Free Choice of Practitioner and Profession.

7. Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Examiners in     Optometry
    Title 505:1-1-1 to Title 505:1-3-9

        Title 505:1-1-1 Purpose
        Title 505:1-3-1 General Board Purpose and Method of Operation
        Title 505:1-3-2 Powers and Duties of the Board
        Title 505:1-3-3 Board Composition and Officers
        Title 505:1-3-4 Board Meetings
        Title 505:1-3-5 Official Board Records
        Title 505:1-3-6 Availability of Records and Manner of Obtaining Information
        Title 505:1-3-7 Availability of Board Rules, Regulations, Policy Statements
        Title 505:1-3-9 Annual License Fee

8. Subchapter 5. Rulemaking and Declaratory Rulings Part 1
    Title 505:1-5-1 to Title 505:10-3-9

        Title 505:1-5-1 Opportunity for Hearing
        Title 505:1-5-2 Petition for Rulemaking
        Title 505:1-5-3 Notice
        Title 505:1-5-4 Rulemaking hearing
        Title 505:1-5-5 Effective date
        Title 505:1-5-6 Emergency Rules
        Title 505:1-5-7 Request for declaratory ruling
        Title 505:1-7-1 Definitions
        Title 505:1-7-2 Filing of papers
        Title 505:1-7-3 Initiation of petition for individual proceeding
        Title 505:1-7-4 Notice to parties
        Title 505:1-7-5 Service of notice
        Title 505:1-7-6 Time of hearing; request for extension
        Title 505:1-7-7 Conduct of hearing
        Title 505:1-7-8 Record of Hearing
        Title 505:1-7-9 Findings of fact
        Title 505:1-7-10 Notice of facts
        Title 505:1-7-11 Final orders, proposed finding of facts and conclusions of law
        Title 505:1-7-12 Communication with parties
        Title 505:1-7-13 Subpoenas
        Title 505:1-7-14 Requests for disqualification
        Title 505:1-7-15 Rehearing, reopening or reconsideration
        Title 505:1-7-16 Informal hearing of a matter
        Title 505:1-7-17 Stipulation of an order
        Title 505:10-1-1 Purpose
        Title 505:10-1-2 Forms and instructions
        Title 505:10-1-3 Sample of official forms
        Title 505:10-3-1 Application for license
        Title 505:10-3-2 Examination of Candidates
        Title 505:10-3-3 License requirements
        Title 505:10-3-4 Granting of license
        Title 505:10-3-5 Reciprocity abolished
        Title 505:10-3-6 Special volunteer licenses
        Title 505:10-3-7 Acceptance of Military education, training, and experience toward
        qualification for licensure examination.

        Title 505:10-3-8 Expediting issuances of license or certificate, or temporary permit.
        Title 505:10-3-9 Automatic extension of licenses for those deployed on active duty
         with the Armed Forces.

9. Subchapter 5. Rulemaking and Declaratory Rulings Part 2
      Title 505:10-5-1 to Title 505:10-5-12

        Title 505:10-5-1 Minimum standard of sanitation, hygiene and professional                                     surroundings
        Title 505:10-5-2 Prohibition against practicing in proximity to retail optical outlet
        Title 505:10-5-3 Prohibition against solicitation
        Title 505:10-5-4 Prohibition against practicing in connection with commercial business
        Title 505:10-5-5 Prohibition against practicing under name other than proper name
        Title 505:10-5-6 Requirement of registering intent to dispense dangerous drugs and                                     controlled dangerous substances
        Title 505: 10-5-7 Practice in two locations
        Title 505:10-5-8 Penalties for practicing without renewal certificate
        Title 505:10-5-9 Required findings on examination of patient
        Title 505:10-5-10 Prohibition against false advertising
        Title 505:10-5-11 Authorized post-graduate educational work
        Title 505:10-5-12 Code of Ethics

10. Subchapter 5. Rulemaking and Declaratory Rulings Part 3
      Title 505:10-5-13 to Title 10-7-4

        Title 505:10-5-13 Acts constituting unprofessional conduct
        Title 505:10-5-14 Release of contact lenses prescription
        Title 505:10-5-15 Employment relationships of optometrists, including Professional                                     Entities
        Title 505:10-5-16 Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent certificate required after June                                     30, 2006
        Title 505:10-5-17 Proper scope of practice of nonlaser surgical procedures
        Title 505:10-7-1 Notification of action on License
        Title 505:10-7-2 Complaints against licensees
        Title 505:10-7-3 Renewal after revocation
        Title 505:10-7-4 Placement of license on inactive status and restoration to active                                     status of such licenses